HEADSCAN – High orbit pioneers  

Montreal's Headscan fuse hard techno rhythms to powerful trance patterns and a smooth electronic sheen. Four tracks comprise High Orbit Pioneers, each of which displays a mastery of trance, techno and vibrant electro. Zenith revels in exquisite synthwork, smooth sequences, a driving beat and fabulously processed vocals, bearing a strong resemblance to Die Form's Philippe Fichot. Orbit Shift adopts a softer feel, though the precise electronics and solid vocals remain constant, while Body Of Memory picks up the pace and rhythm. Inject Us hits the hardest with a crunchy beat and aggressive stance. Thematically, Headscan deal with futuristic ideas of technology, sex and space exploration, managing to weave them together into a convincing whole. For an independent EP, the production and mastering are first-rate, and the technical and musical skill of the duo is remarkable. This is hard trance with a brain.


review by: Phosphor

p+c 2000.
Label: Headscan

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