Noted as "an electronic night ceremony", there are few in the field who have the credentials to make claim to creating an electronic ceremony. Holger Czukay is one who is able. A founding member of Can, Czukay has been in the electronic music field for what is essentially its total development, which says everything for his credentials. La Luna is a beautiful ceremony; filled with quiet throbbing rhythms, intricate sounds indicative of the night, and subtle bubblings, chatterings and a host of other tiny sounds, the night is brought alive by Czukay. The dynamic of this work is as precise as the sounds comprising it; the balance of music through audio channels is rendered wonderfully, making the night seem to move, and nothing overwhelms when it should not. The intricacies and precision put most electronic artists to shame. This work is one track, 47 minutes long, and those 47 minutes never get tiring. Extremely listenable and engaging, La Luna is among the ultimate in night listening. Those entranced by the works of Forma Tadre, Tangerine Dream, Click Click and intelligent ambient music in general will find something to appreciate here, and Czukay admirers will not be displeased. One is lulled into a contented trance, and the time passes eerily quickly. The pace is fleshed out later in the piece with some voice-work by U-She, ostensibly providing the voice of the moon herself. Slowly, male voices are also introduced, subtley heralded by brief orchestral movements underneath the established liquid current, and the ceremonial nature is heightened, which of course culminates in communication with La Luna herself. A gorgeous piece of electronic music, ideal for listening in the complete darkness, La Luna is as an aural spell.


review by: Phosphor

p+c 2000.
Label: Tone Casualties

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2000. Elektronski Zvuk