OLIVER HUNTEMANN – Play 01 (Live) Sao Paolo / Brazil  

OK, Brazil’s image as the party capital might have suffered a little from their rather poor performance at this year’s football world cup, but that’s definitely not true for “D-Edge”, Sao Paolo’s most renowned address for electronic dance culture. According to Britain’s DJ Mag, it is rated amongst the top 40 of interna- tional clubs with other famous nightlife institutions like London’s Fabric or Frankfurt’s Cocoon Club. This tells a lot about the outra- geous enthusiasm being created in that Sci-Fi decorated temple of hedonism created from pure sound and light. That’s where Oliver Huntemann found himself playing at the end of September 2006. Huntemann is now, though he has been pro- ducing music for over 10 years,one of Germany’s most reliable electronic acts… most recently because of his steady releases on his own label Confused Recordings (founded 1995), Anthony Rother’s Datapunk and the extremely prolific label International Deejay Gigolo, which published his last album “Fieber”( in collaboration with Confused). His “perfectly balanced tracks sitting somewhere between Chicago, electro and minimal disco”(Groove Magazine) lead him - alongside his studio partner Stephan Bodzin - to the noble honour of doing a remix of Depeche Mode’s all-time classic “Everything Counts”, which has turned out to be a massive tune, soon to be released on Mute! With a recording of his extensively celebrated set at D-Edge, Huntemann kicks off his new mix compilation series called “Play!”. “The D-Edge is simply one of the best clubs worldwide. It has the perfect size and a mind blowing light installation - not to mention the insane sound-system. Its Brazilian spirit is incompa- rably euphoric. The crowd consists of beautiful and interesting people, who know about music and have no problem at all to freak out and to let themselves go. That night definitely was one of my personal highlights in 2006. There couldnt be a better start for my new compilation series!” As a special dedication to the club Huntemann included the bassmonster “Sao Paolo”, which was exclusively produced for this CD. It will also be released on the PLAY! 01 vinyl. As a DJ Oliver Huntemann definitely champions the advan- tages and wonders of the stripped down track. No wonder that Xenia Beliayeva’s exclusive contribution “Hellraiser” and Thomas Schumacher’s remix of The Knife’s “Like A Pen” are the only tracks containing vocal elements. But this surrender of the big seasonal hits makes PLAY! 01 such a special Mix CD. Extrawelt’s exclusive remix of “51 Poland Street” - the latest release of the Huntemann side-project H-Man – and more unique tracks from well known art- ists like Stephan Bodzin ( with an unreleased track ), John Dahlback aka Huggotron, Pelle Buys (Einmusik), Rekorder, Jan Driver and Gui Boratto are the backbone of his very personal & straight style, carving new boundries of mini- malism. Oliver Huntemann mixes strict symmetry with vibrating noises, gives the crowd some time to breath with big breaks and finally manages to deliver the ultimate hyp- notic experience with the perfect beat.


review by: Confused

p+c 2007.
Label: Connfused

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