The third album from the brilliant Scott Sturgis! Over the last year Pain Station and Converter have placed Scott amongst the TOP musicians in the industrial-power noise genre, and this new album is sure to elevate him even more! A 'cold" darker release with a slower beat heavy feel to it. Combining elektro-industrial-power noise and a cool floating ambience throughout, the songs are powerful, catchy and well manipulated sounds and noises penetrate within. 11 tracks which build on each other thematically, painting the picture of a devastated soul on the verge of mental breakdown. Barren and unnerving sonic landscapes of deconstructed angst make this album one of the most disturbing and potent piece of electronic music. Killer remixes by Assemblage 23 (some ebm mastery) and CONVERTER (Pounding)!


review by: Tommy T.

p+c 1999.
Label: Cop International

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1999. Elektronski Zvuk