PAX – High speed digital spirit processing  

PAX is the techno/ambient based side-project from the legendary Sevren-Ni Arb of X-Marks The Pedwalk and Heiko Daniel of Eco. The duo have released two full lengths under this project name via Zoth Ommog, and it's our pleasure to be the label displaying the second release throughout North America. Heavy influences of both mother projects can be heard within PAX, as well as elements that have influenced the more techno styles in both X-Marks & Eco. Such a unique blend of styles and sound make PAX incomparable to any groups currently out there, and we eagerly embrace the opportunity to showcase this fine example of excellence on this side of the ocean. Musically, the listener is provided with an equal dose of lush ambient sequences & straight-ahead dance beats, combined with minimal vocals. Club DJ's (mainstream & underground) will have more than ample opportunity to pack dance floors with such tracks as "Accolyte", "Drip", "Outfaced!" and more! Two brilliant remixes from Funker Vogt & Dark Illumination can also be found on this 12 track masterpiece. Top quality production, experienced programming, amazing art (courtesy of James Cooney @ Base Asylum!) and fantastic musical diversity make "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing" an absolute must for any DJ or fan of the best in electronic music.


review by: Switch

p+c 1999.
Label: Inception Records

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