PLAY 2! Live – Rex Club / Paris mixed by Oliver Huntemann  

The Club>br>
The REX Club has been a Paris institution for over 20 years. By 1991 at the latest, Laurent Garnier's Wake Up! nights propelled the club to an unprecedented level of fame stretching way beyond the French borders. He was also the first to present the new sound system in September 1995, unrivalled in all of Paris. Ever since, the creme de la creme of the international DJ jetset have been regular guests the likes of Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson and Sven Vath, to name just a few. Not to mention local heroes such as Manu le Malin, Eric Rug, Justice and Daft Punk, who all started out here. The REX Club can rightfully claim to be one of Europe's, if not the world's finest techno clubs.

The DJ

Oliver Huntemann has been doing his thing for quite a while, under various guises, as DJ and producer. Since 1995 he has been running the Confused Rec. label (plus sub-labels). He has released tracks on such credible imprints as Rother's Datapunk label and International Deejay Gigolo Records. PLAY! 01 (live) Sao Paolo / Brazil in 2007 was the predecessor of his current mix album PLAY! 02 live / Paris.

The Mix

February 22nd 2008 was the date, the legendary REX Club was the location for the recording, released shortly afterwards in its original, undiluted form on Confused. PLAY! 02 live - Rex Club / Paris, shows Huntemann at his very latest and best. Taking tracks of his own and of others, such as Martin Landsky, Shlomi Aber and Dubire, he concocts an immediately effective amalgam. Microphones strategically placed around the room pick up the vibe of the crowd, making this CD an extra-special listening experience. 77 minutes of unbridled, uniied enthusiasm on the part of DJ and audience, the latter driving on the former with shouts, claps and collective euphoria. Higher and higher, on and on... A B-Boy might say: He owned that place! As long as virtual sweat and a flatrate for home clubbing remain distant visions, PLAY! 02 live / Paris is probably the closest you can get to a great night's clubbing outside the club.


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