SABOTAGE – Concrete  

SABOTAGE have landed on domestic soil...finally! Their name is already synonymous within the Elektro scene as being one of the top acts of their kind. Working closely with groups such as Front 242, KMFDM, Apoptygma Berzerk, Aghast View and countless others only legitimizes this claim all the more. Isabelle Gernand delivers epic and sensual vocals unlike anyone in the industry, managing to combine elegance with pure sexuality all at the same time. Marc Werner takes care of the groups composition, programming and lyrics while providing the harsher male element to the groups sound on occasion. Backed by renowned percussionist Tim Kroker, the circle that make up SABOTAGE is complete. Stand ready to experience pure Elektro euphoria!!


review by: Switch

p+c 2000.
Label: Inception Records

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2000. Elektronski Zvuk