VARIOUS ARTISTS – Eccentris: skin is in  

Steve Bug and Ame have created the deep sexy house soundtrack for a new stylish compilation, "Dessous presents Eccentris: Skin Is In". The project began in early 2006 when Dessous Recordings and label boss Steve Bug were approached to contribute the audio for the Eccentris website, the official homepage of photographer Sacha Dean Biyan which showcases his lifestyle and fashion photography. The positive feedback arising from the fusion of Biyan's sexy images with tracks from the Dessous catalogue spawned the idea of a similar-themed compilation which will be released next month. Dessous has been in existence since 1998 concentrating on quality deep house cuts. This latest sexy compilation from the label, also well known for its "Erotic Moments In House" releases, features two CDs compiled by Steve Bug and Sonar Kollektiv's Ame. "Dessous presents Eccentris: Skin Is In" includes tracks and remixes from Nathan Fake, Phonique, Chateau Flight, I:Cube, Tokyo Black Star, Charles Webster and of course Steve Bug and Ame. The double CD will is accompanied by a full colour 36-page photo catalogue presenting some of the Sacha Dean Biyan's best work (read beautiful scantily-clad women) and an interactive CD with more than 100 photographs, wallpapers, screensavers and other forms of eye candy, good for a perve.

Here are some of the Biyan's photographs that are included on the multimedia CD 1

photos by: Sascha Dean Biyan
copyright by: Eccentris


review by: Dessous

p+c 2006.
Label: Dessous

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2006. Elektronski Zvuk