VA – Moonbootique Records proudly presents SOUND mixed by Black Van  

- the first CD compilation of the young label that became one of the pioneers in the exploding genre pigeonholed as Electro-House. The firrst label-album features an exquisite array of not only released, but also unreleased and exclusive tracks from the Moon- bootique catalogue. Most of the tracks appear as special versions or remixes. „SOUND“ comes in a special mix by mysterious Mr. Black Van, a close friend of Moonbootique label-head KoweSix, who runs the label alongside his partner Tobitob. Ko- weSix and Tobitob also form the label‘s flagship act Moonbootica. The splendid mix incorporates rocking, Break fueled beats and thrilling vibes from the best Moonbootique tracks. The highlights are Moonbootica‘s „Break Of Light“, the Moonbootica remix of IAMX‘ (Chris Cor- ner of Sneaker Pimps), „Kiss And Swallow“, Maniax‘ „Dark City“, Malente‘s „Killer Applikation“ and the new Ascii Disko version of „Hey“. The tracks on the album reveal the different in?u- ences of the Moonbootique sound: Electro, House, Breaks, funky Disco and dirty rocking Pop. Black Van manages to fuse them all in an exciting mix, that leaves enough room for each track to tell it‘s own story, whilst also building a homogenous piece of great music paired with Moonbootique‘s own hu- mour.


review by: Moonbutique

p+c 2007.
Label: Moonbootique

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2007. Elektronski Zvuk