SYSTEMATIC SESSIONS 1 – Mixed by Martin Landsky & Marc Romboy  

German “Wunder-Label” Systematic are delighted to present their brand new smash in the form of a double Mix CD: Systematic Sessions Vol. 1! Already reknown as a stable and reliable outlet for essential dancefloor killing vinyl releases, it was about time to take the next step by invading CD-world!, therefore allowing some officially rocking home-listening pleasure for all the fans! Disc One was compiled and mixed by the incredible and undisputable jack house champion, Poker Flat stalwart and Systematic remixer -Martin Landsky. His mix perfectly bridges the gap between warm and jacking house anthems and cold rocking, acid flavoured minimal beats from artists like Kenny Hawkes, Sthlm Sound Machine, John Tejada, Donnacha Costello, Losoul, Prosumer or himself. Nice one! Disc Two sees Mr. Systematic Marc Romboy laying down some of the label’s phattest tunes from Abysm or himself together with some of the hottest tracks around by producers like Dirt Crew, John Tejada, DJ T., Zoo Brazil, Marlow or Dominic Eulberg. Altogether Systematic Session Vol. 1 continues the high standard of the label so far and will definitely recruit a whole bunch of new “System-addicts”! Get down to it!


review by: Danchi

p+c 2005.
Label: Systematic Recordings

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2005. Elektronski Zvuk