Takshaka – 20 minutes into the future EP  

Two minds, one vision. That is the basis behind Takshaka, the collective efforts of composer Jonathan Sharp and artist/writer Josh Finney. Formed in mid-1998, the duo took their name from the Hindu snake god that resided in dreams --an inspiration that reflected their desire to push limits of how music is perceived. More than a band, Takshaka is amorphous expression. A collision of sound and image, rhythm and words. It is music and art intertwining, evolving, and ultimately becoming something more. Driven by our oldest myths, darkest dreams, and on going quest for technological ascension, Takshaka is a mirror for the modern world. Except, this reflection is not quite right. It’s twisted and warped, as if fed through a lens of unlimited possibility. Jonathan Sharp is an electronic musician who has been working throughout the 1990s in a myriad of projects. A sort of jack of all trades, his past work has ranged from soundtracks to IDM to dark drum & bass. Since Takshaka, Jonathan’s music has shifted away from fitting into any one genre or style, instead opting to forge new territory. If anything, Takshaka integrates countless influences, yet remains its own unique entity.Josh Finney is a digital artist currently making a name for himself in the industry. While he’s primarily known for his album art, for such label as Off-Beat and Quantum Loop, he has been extremely active in the arts community. With Takshaka, his focus has been man's relationship to technology. Taking his cues from the likes of Marshall MacLuhan and Ray Kurzweil, his art portrays the ongoing evolution of flesh and silicon, often relating it to themes found in myth and spiritualism.


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