Clubbier than ever and loaded with pure energy, Jean F Cochois, aka The Timewriter, presents his fourth album on Plastic City. “Paintbox”.
This album is driving, hypnotic, liberating, uplifting and most of all, intense. TechHouse at its finest. Equipped with extreme rolling drive with a little added extra Heart and Soul and well-dosed in high quality vocals, this album provides a fascinating diversity and range of this musical genre. On “Love Is Beautiful”, the album’s first single, and “Room of a Million Rainbows”, Jean F himself sings the vocals. He is also delighted with the appearance of two top class vocalists, Theresa Baltimore and Jimmie Wilson.
With this longplayer, Jean F once more underlines his outstanding position on the international House scene. In exemplary fashion, he shows his feeling for grooves, sounds and vocals that have made him into the highly esteemed and world-wide respected artist he is today. As in all of his albums, one notices a certain energy-loaded connectivity between the tracks, a red line if you like, that helps tie each differently coloured song into something of a final bigger picture.
He came up with the title for the album during an all-night painting and music session and a large amount of good wine in the apartment of his girlfriend in Sundbyberg, a suburb of Stockholm. The stereo was playing some at the time still unfinished song ideas. Whilst she was painting and every now and then opening her art box containing a wide assortment of acrylics and oils, he was playing around with some ideas and lyrics. The parallel between the diversity of different combinations of colours and sounds and their mutual way of giving inspiration fascinated him. And so the title was found.
The extraordinary cover for the album ”Paintbox” was designed by the art duo ”Herakut”. A sprayed portrait of The Timewriter can be partly seen on the front cover. The booklet inside unfolds his complete picture, making the album instantly recognisable.
Since his debut 12”, “Did My Time” from 1995, and his debut album “Letters From The Jester” from 1996, he convinced and thrilled both the public and the media, especially in Great Britain and in the USA. This is underlined by interviews in Britain’s Muzik Magazine and America’s Billboard magazine. His unique production style is characterised by the enormous dense and atmospheric sound that one so clearly can distinguish from other writer/producers in the same field. Since the mid 1990’s, this sound was an essential contribution to what later became the established musical sub-genre TechHouse. His unmistakeable trademark style goes far beyond the dance floors and is based on sophisticated musicality and profound depth. As Muzik Magazine wrote: “This is real 21st century soul music, avoid of clichés, overflowing with magic”.
Not only as a producer, but also as a remixer, Jean F Cochois has earned great respect. Amongst his many remixes he has worked for artists such as the ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür (Yamo), Mike Oldfield, Yello, Faithless and Boy George to name a few. As a highly sought after DJ, he travels the world and plays in places such as New York, London, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary and Russia. As resident DJ he played in Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club and now holds a monthly residency in Budapest. He frequently presents his own mix-CD series ”Deep Train”.


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