WUMPSCUT – Eevil young flesh  

Wumpscut's new album is pretty much as expected and anyone who likes Wumpscut will like this album as well. Now don't take that wrong, it's good. I have no real complaints. The only minimal complaint I have is that its all a bit cheezy [sic], but you have got to expect that from Germans, who apparently have no idea. But that's alright, I suppose. It's like people who wear capes. Apparently they have no idea either, but as long as they have fun with their capes, then there's no real harm done. I'd feel silly singing lyrics like "Dead dead dead I make you dead. Dead dead dead stained from blood so red." But maybe the translation is poor, the way all German cheeze translates poorly. Sounding somewhat like the style of the album Embryodead, but with enough elvolution to make it not sound too much like Embryodead, this'll appeal to anyone who likes moderately hard EBM. Please note: I have yet to hear any tracks really loud at the club, and sometimes, something like that makes all the difference.


taken from Squiduary Webzine

review by: Squid

p+c 1999.
Label: Metropolis

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